Sharp 10.5 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine | Model: ES-S105HP-GY

Sharp 10.5 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine | Model: ES-S105HP-GY

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Product Features:

  • No Holes Tub Fully Automatic
  • Low Water Pressure Valve
  • Tempered Glass LID with Damper
  • Mega Mouth – wider opening for easy loading and unloading of large size clothing and linen.
  • No Holes Tub – stainless tub that has a capable of controlling impurities from entering the inner tub.
  • Low Water Pressure Valve – valve can operate for as low as 0.03 MPa or 4.35 PSI (water pressure).
  • Tempered Glass LID with Damper – more durable and class looking.

Special Functions:

  • Soak – 5 mins to 24hr available soaking time that helps treats heavily spoiled and hard to remove stains on clothes.
  • Fragrance – maximize the effect of the fabric softener
  • Ecoshower Rinse – sprays water while spinning the tub, which reduces the amount of water used for rinsing.
  • Anti-bacterial Pulsator – keeps the underside of the pulsator clean and sanitary
  • Auto Tub Clean – automatically washed-out the stains and detergent even on the reverse side of the pulsator to keep it clean and mold free.
  • Auto Restart – operation restarts following a power interruptions.
  • Child Lock – a safety features that is designed to keep the button safe by disabling all the button while in operation.


  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Dimensions: 67.5 × 62 × 101.1 cm
  • Wash Input: 630 W
  • Spin Dryer Input: 420 W
  • Power Consumption: 128 WH
  • Standby Power (W): 0.6 W
  • RPM: 730
  • Water Consumption: 93 (L/cycle)
  • Filter: Metal Mesh Box Filter
  • Control Panel: Digital LED
  • LID Damper
  • Child Proof
  • Steel Cabinet
  • LID Material: Tempered Glass with Damper
  • Program Course: 8 Courses (Normal, Jeans, ECO, Speedy, Baby Care, Delicate, Blanket, Tub Clean)
  • Power Source: 230V-60Hz
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Service