Panasonic 16" Living Fan | Model: F-409LD

Panasonic 16" Living Fan | Model: F-409LD

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  • Energy Savings – DC motor that helps saves 50% of electricity compared to AC Fan models
  • Durability - Longer motor life realized with ball bearing technology.
    Less Friction.
  • Precise Air Flow Control - Wide range of speed control enables optimum Air Flow
  • Two Grille Guard Rings & Lock Protection - The Front guard and rear guard gap are designed with 2 guard rings, preventing the finger or other objects from reaching the blade.

    In case that any obstruction will be caught during operation, Lock Protection will be activated to stop the motor from running.

    The unit just needs to be switched off first and turn back on again for the unit to be able to continue to run.
  • Rotary Dial Knob – Smooth, continuous control dial to generate speed
  • DC Socket Adapter – More power, Less electricity cost


  • Fan Blade Size: 40 cm PP Material (16 inches)
  • Inverter System, Powered by DC Motor
  • 5-Year Motor Warranty
  • Precise Air Flow Control
  • Lock Protection and Safety Features
  • Height: 1192mm; Width: 456.11mm; Depth: 258mm
  • Weight: 8kg