Panasonic 12.5 kg Top Load Washing Machine | Model: NA-FD12XR1LM

Panasonic 12.5 kg Top Load Washing Machine | Model: NA-FD12XR1LM

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  • Powerful Wash and Rinse With Water Bazooka powered by TD Inverter.  Washing off tough stains left behind by your kids is no longer a pain with improved washing performance up to 16%*. Intensive stains are simply washed away with the Water Bazooka, powered by the TD Inverter, leaving them spotless again for your child's next outdoor adventure. The powerful water flow of the Water Bazooka penetrates deep into fabrics, removing stains and detergent residue effectively. This ensures fabrics are thoroughly clean during washing and rinsing.
  • Powerful wash with Less Energy. It takes much less energy to efficiently power wash your laundry load for super clean results.
    By providing the necessary power for each cycle optimally, the Panasonic TD Inverter can generate 6x more power for greater wash and rinse results using less energy - saves up to 30%* energy.
  • Multi Stain Removal With StainMaster and ActiveFoam system.  Easily save time on pre-care and handwashing, no matter the type of stain and wherever they came from. The StainMaster simply breaks down a variety of stains on fabrics with a scrub wash effect. Your loved ones can now enjoy clean, fresh and comfortable clothes everyday for any occasion. The Active Foam System creates fine, high-density foam which lifts, separates and removes stubborn dirt deep in fibers.
  • Effortless Daily Wash By Easy Wide Opening design.  Even washing big loads of laundry can feel less of a chore, making every wash almost effortless.
    The Panasonic Top Load Washing Machine is designed with a wide opening which makes it easier to load/unload your family's pile of laundry.
  • Efficient Power for your Laundry Needs.  The Panasonic TD Inverter with the new six-speed transmission gears provide a range of optimal rotation speeds or power needed for each cycle. By optimising energy use for each cycle, this results in:
    1. Clean results - stronger water flow
    2. More energy savings - less energy usage
    3. Less tangling - low speed rotation
    4. Tub hygiene - auto tub cleaning


  • Capacity: 12.5 kg
  • Power Supply: 230 V AC, 60 Hz
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 600 x 672 x 1,069 mm
  • Net Weight: 41 kg
  • Color: Silver (Body)
  • Control Panel Type
  • Digital Display
  • ECONAVI (Load and Water Temp)