Moulinex Food Chopper and Grater | Model: DJ755G

Moulinex Food Chopper and Grater | Model: DJ755G

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Fresh Express +: the extra-versatile shredder

The Fresh Express + is a versatile machine thanks to its 5 metal cones that allow you to slice, grate or mince. It's the easy way to prepare your dishes, all served directly onto the plate!

The Fresh Express + is very user-friendly thanks to its interchangeable cones that even stack together for easy and compact storage.

  • 5 Cones for 5 Modes: Thin shred, thick shred, thin slice, grate and crinkle cut
  • Direct Serve: Your chopped ingredients are served directly onto the plate
  • Integrated Storage: Cones are stored easily and directly on the device
  • Wide Feeding Tube: Allows you to put whole vegetables into the tube

Technical Specifications:

  • Power: 200W
  • Speed Settings: 1
  • Number of functions: 5
  • Feeding tube size (L x l): 5.7 x 5.7 cm