Kolin 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon | Model: KAG-110RSINV

Kolin 1.0 HP Window Type Inverter Aircon | Model: KAG-110RSINV

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  • Quick Cooling - With high power compressor, it enables the air conditioner unit to operate at its best quality performance by executing to its lowest temperature and highest fan speed to essentially cool the room quickly at any different temperature setting aspires by the user.
  • Precise Control - Precise Control feature helps to cool the area more precisely and efficiently that matches to the set room temperature.
  • Soft Start-Up - Soft Start Up feature protects the compressor from breaking and any form of damage through the essence of inverter technology. It increases the safety measures when using the air conditioner unit before and after usage.
  • Full Size - Not only the physical size of the AC unit increased but also its cooling performance and cooling capacity was enhanced. 
  • Remote Control / Soft Touch - This passive feature enables to control the AC unit by pressing manually the function buttons at ease or by remotely controlling the functions.  
  • Filter Clean Indicator - After 250 hours of cooling operation, Filter Clean Indicator will automatically notifies the user that the air filters are now ready for cleaning.
  • Wide Voltage Range (190 - 240V) - Wide Voltage Range feature is designed to aid the compressor motor to work efficiently and maintain its quality cooling performance whenever any power disruption events happened.
  • Easy Filter Removal - Simplistic face cover design that is designed for removing air filters precisely and at ease.
  • Blue Fin Condenser -Blue Fin Condenser prevents any type of corrosion through the use of anti-corrosion materials coated in the condenser fins. It increases the performance of the condenser to produce a quality cooling operation for the cozier experience.


  • Nominal Capacity: 1 hp
  • Cooling Capacity: 4,477 - 10,845 kJ/h
  • Power Supply: 1 PH / 230 V / 60 Hz
  • Current: 1.5 - 4.1 A
  • Power: 300 - 950 W
  • EER: 14.9 - 11.4
  • Refrigerant (Type/Charge)R-32 / 550
  • Area (Unloaded Space): 13 - 19 m²
  • Sound Level (Hi/Mi/Lo): 49 / 47 / 45 dB(A)
  • Unit Weight (Net/Gross): 43 / 46 kg
  • Unit Dimension (WxDxH): 560 x 708 x 375 mm / 22 x 28 x 15 inch
  • Package Dimension (WxDxH): 620 x 803 x 410 mm /24 x 32 x 16 inch