Kolin 26.5 cu. ft. Upright Glass Chiller / Beverage Cooler with Door Lock | Model: KSF-790B2L

Kolin 26.5 cu. ft. Upright Glass Chiller / Beverage Cooler with Door Lock | Model: KSF-790B2L

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Kolin Real Fan Cooling Chiller Which driven by a high powered motor that quickly cools the area and also provides even temperature distribution. A simplistic double-layered tempered glass that makes it more durable and prone to breakage and with light signage has lining design. It also features a door lock that prevents children from opening it freely to avoid any accidents that may occur, making health and safety a top priority. 


  • MECHANICAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Manually controlled buttons for precise control of desired temperature.
  • DOUBLE LAYERED TEMPERED GLASS. An exceptional and smooth tempered glass that has many times more durable and thermally stronger than any normal tempered glass. Subjected to constant heating as well as quality cooling of loads in the refrigerator and can withstand impacts and breakage to prevent minor or major accidents that may occur.
  • DOOR LOCK. A feature to increase safety and security purposes mostly for children and can disengage when periods of non-usage.
  • ELEGANT CABINET DESIGN. Kolin's Real Fan Cooling Chiller contains a simplistic yet exquisite cabinet design that essentially attracts the attention of everyone, making its improved outer design comfortable to look at.

Technical Specifications


Rated Voltage 230 V / 60 Hz 
Gross Capacity  750 L (26.46 ft³)
Net Capacity 688 L (24.28 ft³)
Rated Input Power 525 W
Rated Current  4.5 A 
Refrigerant R-134A (250 g)
Energy Consumption 4.8 kW.h / 24 h
Net Weight 113 kg
Gross Weight 123 kg
Packaging Dimension (WxDxH) 1160 x 615 x 1960 mm
Unit Dimension (WxDxH) 1120 x 585 x 1895 mm