Kolin 1.0 HP Wall Mounted Split Type Standard Inverter Aircon | Model: KSM-IW10-6H1M

Kolin 1.0 HP Wall Mounted Split Type Standard Inverter Aircon | Model: KSM-IW10-6H1M

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Split-Type Inverter Plus Ionizer

Kolin split-type Inverter now has its ionizer and active carbon filter that enables the air in a room to become healthier and fresher by restoring negative ions. It enhances the air quality and cleanses any kinds of air impurities for a safer breathable air.

This split type air conditioner mounted with inverter technology was engineered to minimize waste through operation keyed to the outdoor temperature. This contributes to a further reduction of product power consumption.

Not only the air conditioner’s performance was optimized but also thanks to its gold fin technology, it is now even more guaranteed to work for years. Kolin Split-Type Inverter Air Conditioner, specially designed to not just meet your special cooling needs but also enjoy a cleaner and fresher air at home!


  • Ionizer. The Ionizer Feature restores negative ions to remove contaminants in the air such as; particulates, microbes, and odors from the air making the room significantly healthier for people to breathe in. The Ionizer feature is a great advantage for those people who suffers from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.
  • Gold Fin Condenser. Gold Fin Technology increases the lifespan and enhances the cooling performance of the air conditioner by protecting its condenser coils from exterior damage caused from amassing of water, acids, and other salts coming from the atmosphere.
  • Four Sway Swing. Four Way Swing feature enables the swing blades to blow the cooled air in a four-way direction (Up-Down-Left-Right), maximizing the cooling process in the room.
  • Environment Friendly Refrigerant. It carries R-410A, an environmental friendly refrigerant that enables a safer breathable environment and helps in contributing to lessen ozone depletion.
  • Sleep Mode. Upon activating the Sleep Mode feature, the room temperature will rise at 1 degree Celsius every 1 hour after setting temperature. After 2 hours of cooling process, the room temperature will now stabilize for 8 hours preventing you from over cooled temperature, making your sleep at night be peaceful and uninterrupted.
  • Active Carbon Filter. Active Carbon Filter has a highly absorbent material that was engineered for better efficiency in trapping odor, smoke, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and formaldehyde.
  • LED Display. The LED Display feature shows any modes in the display screen through eye-catching safe LED lights.
  • Turbo Mode. Turbo Mode when activated rapidly increases the blow of cool air by increasing the level of the fan speed and sets the temperature at its lowest for 30 mins for quick cooling process.
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detector. Refrigerant Leakage Detector automatically detects any leakage of refrigerants that occurred upon installation and during cooling operation of the AC unit. The error code EC will appear in the display screen to notify the user that there has been a refrigerant leakage.


Power Supply 1 PH / 230 V / 60 Hz
Nominal Capacity 1.0 hp
Cooling Capacity 9,496 kJ/h (3,798 - 10,395)
Rated Current 3.28 A (1.27 - 7.53)
Rated Power 754 W (292 - 1732)
EER 12.6 kJ/hW (13.0 - 6.0)
Area (Unloaded Space) 19 m²
Indoor Unit
Airflow (Hi/Mi/Lo) 470.5 / 377.8 / 273 m³/h
Sound Level (Hi/Mi/Lo) 37.5 / 32 / 27 dB(A)
Packaging Dimension (WxDxH) 790 x 270 x 370 mm
Unit Dimension (WxDxH) 722 x 187 x 290 mm
Gross Weight 10.0 kg
Unit Weight 7.7 kg
Outdoor Unit
Packaging Dimension (WxDxH) 795 x 345 x 495 mm
Unit Dimension (WxDxH) 681 x 285 x 434 mm
Gross Weight 24.4 kg
Unit Weight 22.2 kg
Refrigerant (Type/Charge) R-410A / 550 g
Copper Tube Size
Low Side Ø 3/8"
High Side Ø 1/4"
Maximum Pipe Distance Between Indoor and Outdoor
Height 5 m
Length 10 m
Circuit Breaker 20 A